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Shedding a kilo

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My brand spanking new Kryponite d-lock hasn’t even made it to NZ. Inquisitive questions from security in Dubai having never seen a bike lock before followed by confiscation in Melbourne because a weapon threat. After an initial sulk, I’ve come to my silver lining conclusion that I’ve saved a kilo of extra weight to cycle around and at least it wasn’t the fishing kit! 10 hour wait for connecting flight we will keep ourselves amused by thinking what Ella’s bicycle can be named. Poll to follow..


Author: ourbigbiketrip

Quit our jobs. Packed our padded shorts. Cycling through 7 countries. Might as well cycle home too..

One thought on “Shedding a kilo

  1. So the fishing line with a lethal, shark catching hook was fine?! Entertaining start to the trip. And I name the bike… ella’s pants.

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