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The lovely lake Taupo and those crazy iron men

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Ella here, Emily is currently stuffing her face with toast and honey before we set off for Napier to hopefully get work as fruit pickers or wine tasters.

We have been in Taupo for 5 days, four days were spent camping on a beautiful free campsite by the river, one night in a youth hostel. The long drop toilets at the campsite were X files terrifying. Someone had written ‘sitt down men an alligator is not going to bite off your p#*-<, ‘ on the wall of the toilet…poor advice only a fool would sit down.

We walked something called the Tongariro crossing over mountains and volcanoes. Lots of incredible viewe and at some point great pictures of shorts, socks and hiking boots combos will follow. Emily looked like the forest police and took a very cavalier attitude to walking down the side of the volcanoes which was basically loose scree by doing it with her hands in her pockets. She fell over about three times putting off everyone else watching from higher above including me. She just laughed and carried on as I picked my way down like an agile aged 3 leggedmountain goat in a wind cheater and tank sized walking boots.

Yesterday was Ironman in Taupo,for those who don’t know it is an insane triathlon where competitors swim 2 miles, cycle 100 miles then finish with a 26 mile marathon they start at 7am and some don’t finish till late in the evening. An insane thing to undertake. Needless to say Emily wants to do it, once again confirming to me that she is infact mental.


Author: ourbigbiketrip

Quit our jobs. Packed our padded shorts. Cycling through 7 countries. Might as well cycle home too..

One thought on “The lovely lake Taupo and those crazy iron men

  1. It’s taken this long for you to find out Emily is completely insane?Any of her family could have told you that BEFORE you travelled half way across the word. I’m jealous of you both; you seem to be having a fabulous time. We’ve plotted your route so Chloe can track your progress.
    Still can’t convince him on the camper van idea though. You’ll just have to have enough fun for all of us, but then you seem to be doing that anyway. xx

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