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Attack of the sandflies

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Our blog has been neglected lately due to sea kayaking in Abel Tasman and cycling through the countryside to now currently in Greymouth on West Coast of South Island

Hard lesson learnt not to drink copious amounts of wine the night before a sea adventure as we experienced fair amount of sea sickness during our sea kayaking efforts, nevertheless it was incredibly beautiful and idyllic plus we kayaked close to many seals and accidentally overstepped the suggested safe distance to keep from the sealions resulting in a startled seal from its slumber appearing to about to pounce on Ella’s head (large target) we ferociously paddled away to camp on a secluded beach bay.

After shaking off our sea legs we continued our cycle tour following a recommend trail and cruised through 240 miles in 5 days.  It was hilly and hard work but rewarded with almost zero traffic, through vineyards and orchards, by streams and rivers, up and down beech forested mountains.

However the sandflies are notorious on the south island and our super stylish fluorescent jackets trick ginormous bumblebees into thinking we are flowers (we most certainly do not have the scent of a flower though after sweating up hills) so snack stops are tricky when running around in circles trying to escape the cloud of sandflies, bees and wasps surrounding us.

Either our incredibly charming chat or our pathetic tired faces managed to score us another free farm stay with dinner and breakfast. Always hard to set off again in the morning and not overstay our welcome of the generous hospitality.

Beginning to see the snow capped mountains in the distance so heading further South tomorrow.


Author: ourbigbiketrip

Quit our jobs. Packed our padded shorts. Cycling through 7 countries. Might as well cycle home too..

One thought on “Attack of the sandflies

  1. Keep it up girlies, loving the blog – it brightens up my dull days!!!!

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