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South Island versus North Island

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P_20140416_050939P_20140415_013830P_20140417_030618P_20140415_223551DSCF0400DSCF0399Lake Wanaka Cycle tourist friend Fox Glacier Ella very sloooowly crossing the stream Thoughtful pondering towards the Fox DSCF0422Surprisingly the South Island is less hilly than North Island although more mountainous and the scenery is much more dramatic and since cycling from Nelson down to Queenstown we have cycled from beaches, through farmland, rainforest, past glaciers, over mountains and past the Southern Alps.

On the South Island our cycling efforts seem to be a photo opportunity for the coach riding tourists, and we’ve been rewarded with free homebrewed beer, champagne, pie, fish and chips…food always gratefully received!

We have met many more cycle tourists on the South Island and we cycled with Steph from Tasmania for a couple of days, she was credit card touring so we were slightly envious of her bike which weighed 10kg less than ours.  It is getting incredibly cold at night though so we are camping less and less because only way of keeping warm is to wear practically our whole wardrobe of clothes and the sleeping bag drawstring pulled tight until only a tiny hole for air.

Cycled 2000 miles now so off to celebrate with the world famous Fergburger today, burgers the size of our head apparently!


Author: ourbigbiketrip

Quit our jobs. Packed our padded shorts. Cycling through 7 countries. Might as well cycle home too..

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