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How to be a cycle tourist

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1) Be safe, be seen – look cool
As Katie, a friend of my sister once said “safety never takes a day off.” How true these words are.
Dress appropriately. Dress like a dork. There is no styling it out.?
In this photo Emily sports a custom made gilet/ high vis warrior jacket with the arms cut off AND helmet. (Since this photo shoot she has lost both items.)
Also colour clash yellows -be daring with safety fashion.
2) Carry your own house
There’s nothing like camping. Choose your tent wisely. Our tent, a Mother Hubbard (nicknamed Annie Liebowitz part two …long story) is a beauty. Why?
Quick to assemble.
Very waterproof.
Great at ventilating farts.

Other campers in cheapo tents, who know about tents are always green with envy at our tent.
Emily has lovingly cleaned our tent, I’ve never seen her do any house work but she cleans our tent, (Shaking the tent with the door open when it is upsidedown is technically hoovering.)

3) Carry your own cooker
For gourmet eating experiences nothing is better than eating something heated by a methalated spirit flame. You can eat:
Two minute noodles with broccoli,
Cous Cous with tomatoes and cucumber,
Roughly 10 -15 times in a few months before you never want to see these food items again.





4) Just carry a lot of stuff
I am Pannier West. I carry so much stuff my bike looks like a thin two wheeled luggage trolley. When I see my shadow I know why sheep run when they see me…I must to them resemble a quad bike without an engine.
Emily only has 2 rear panniers but she carries the tent and can’t cycle on gravel loaded up. Her back wheels skid from under her and she has been known to fall off in slow motion at just 2mph.
We need the stuff so the bikes are heavy but fully equipped with essentials. There’s a lot of food to carry when you’re fuel is bread ans chocolate.

So there you have it how to be a cycle tourist by Ella.


Author: ourbigbiketrip

Quit our jobs. Packed our padded shorts. Cycling through 7 countries. Might as well cycle home too..

One thought on “How to be a cycle tourist

  1. This is so funny. It sounds like an amazing adventure, but the food does sound revolting, so I really do hope you get some nice meals in sometimes. Good going girls, you should be so proud of yourselves. xx

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