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Tour De Thailand

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Over 6 months and 4,000 miles in to our journey.  Sometimes overwhelmingly we are saddle sore, a little travel weary but still with a spirit of adventure in our hearts we carry on.

Comparing travelling in Thailand by bike to when I backpacked they are very different experiences.
 Cycling offers a truly unique vantage from which to observe a country as the day can begin with dancing in a village parade with the elder ladies swinging their hips and the drunken boys swigging Thai whiskey to passing through villages with the locals gambling on cock fights to ending at a floating market eating dinner with a tshirt sporting rabbit on the table next to us.  Most of the time we are less western tourist consumers and more strange weirdos entering small villages on what locals view as an outdated and strange mode of transport.

Em and I have had the rare opportunity to cycle with two other cyclists for the last fortnight.  We have a bike gang name the ‘dust devils’.  Yes we are cool.  Yes their blog is a bit more sophisticated than ours.  Read their last entry for a better version than this is of what we have been doing.

Discoveries of group cycle travel:
1) Cyclists blog (mostly to reassure friends and family they are having a good time and are not dead. This is only effective if you blog regularly, we haven’t but are still alive…hooray!)
2) Cyclists sweat profusely.  Ruining all clothes that are not made of strange horrible man made materials.
3) Cyclists make other cyclists feel better about saddle sores.
4) Navigation, bike fixing, communication with locals, sing a longs and dog battling is easier as a team.
5) Sharing this experience with new friends is awesome

Our cycle tour began together on the west coast of South Thailand in Khao Lak, we cycled through the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, Khao Sok, before crossing and cycling up east coast stopping at beaches along the way.

Along the coast in Hua Hin, a friend of Steve & Sue’s was back home visiting her family and kindly invited us to stay for 2 nights and treated us to a traditional clay pot Thai feast.  It was difficult to leave home comforts again.

Yesterday stopping in Kanachaburi, the town from the film Bridge Over The River Kuwai, we visited the museum which detailed the history of the Japanese invading Asia during World War 2.

Now heading towards the hills of North Thailand, and activities galore as hope to become master Muay Thai boxers and Thai chefs.




Author: ourbigbiketrip

Quit our jobs. Packed our padded shorts. Cycling through 7 countries. Might as well cycle home too..

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